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IMY ( M T A H )
Tuesday, 6 December 2011 | 02:55 | 0 panda
This is what you say to me "Feel in love wif FATEN AMERA BTE AZMI "

faten , tengs fo evetink .you hang me out .if  my heart being hurt.
you so pretty face for me .yes you are .
hey faten , true all the ways n hold it only to me . you so cute ?yes you are . when you smiling n laughing to me .you perfect understanding . at the FACT ,your my life . a quite MANJE n nakal at the twisted lite of castle . ohh . my faten , this  is you .you to me .life to share each other . this is not blame to me .set we self closely .the perfect combination .makle a good RELATION.faten you keep de EPOK2 EVERY monink to me .dad is my happy day to started BREATHING .wahh ,im so glad to you :)ohh .faten your standing out my own your self and me not to alone .guaranty i will be here every night at the rain which we crop together . i will be here at your HEART . you true the one . ILOVEYOU .

#This word  you give to me when we in form 5 .Hihi :D 
     I do miss you :")
    credit to : M T A H :DD

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